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9 Ways Technology Helps You Live Greener

9 Ways Technology Can Help You Live a
Greener Lifestyle in The New Year

RISMEDIA -A few simple steps are all it takes to conserve energy and help protect the environment, and with today’s broadband and wireless technologies, being green has never been easier.


 Verizon’s tips for using technology to live greener:

1. Telecommute one day a week or once a month. Working from home using broadband connections can help reduce traffic congestion and reduce your fuel bill.
2. Recycle cell phones that are no longer used. Donating old phones to recycling programs will keep batteries out of landfills and help raise funds to assist domestic violence survivors.
3. Switch to paperless billing. Verizon residential customers helped save the equivalent of 52,000 trees last year by making the switch.
4. Have a virtual meeting. Use video conferencing instead of travel.
5. Shop online using a high-speed Internet connection instead of making a trip to the mall for a single item.
6. Watch a movie at home instead of driving to rent a movie or even to the theater.
7. Use a smart thermostat to reduce energy costs.
8. Use a mapping tool to find the most direct route to your destination to help save on fuel.
9. Use a smart power strip for your computer or wireless phone charger. Sensors in the strip turn off the power supply when the items are not in use, saving electricity and money.

What are some ways you live a greener lifestyle?

New Year Challenge: Change

What could happen if you Changed Yourself?

Each day in our lives, we hope and pray for a better day, that things should improve in one area or another. But all too often, all we do is hope and pray. That is not enough. We have to think, act and speak differently. If we don’t change how we think, speak and act, we are bound to repeat the same problems or mistakes that gives us a situation we want changed. So how do we change things?

thThe hardest part of change is thinking differently. You have to challenge your own assumptions, including most delicately, the sense of who you are. You may not be who you really think you are. Never forget, we judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intentions.
Yes, you meant to help someone with a project, you intended to give charity, you were planning on inviting your friends over for dinner, but if you didn’t do it, in their minds you had no intention, and you are judged as such.

the-challenge-of-changeSo start correcting this error. If you intend to do something – DO IT. Don’t procrastinate, don’t delay. Stop making excuses. You want to improve yourself, get out of your own way.


Now find someone you completely trust, who has your interest at heart and who can give you constructive criticism. It is often better for a friend to be this person than a spouse. And tell the person to try to remove personal bias (of how you may have hurt them or been inconsiderate). It has to be coming from a place of true concern for you. Start with one area. Don’t take on your whole life at one time. What you may realize is that you may not be perceived the way you perceive yourself. So work on correcting the balance and you will immediately feel more content and balanced inside.

HOW do I really buy a home?

Do you wonder about what the basic steps are to actually buy a home? What’s the FIRST step? How long does it REALLY take? Here are some tips and the basic outline of the process, simplified to hopefully ease some of the anxiety of where to start!

  • To begin with we can meet, discuss what you’re looking for in a potential home, the features you want, the features you’d settle for, and things that you could or couldn’t go without. (Example: Garages, fireplaces, room count, etc.)
  • Then the fun begins! We start searching for your new home, visit some houses, and this can vary as far as how long it takes.
  • Once we find your new home we make an offer! Then it’s just a Pre-Approval letter from your lender, and what is called an Earnest Money Deposit. (Usually $1000) This is refundable if the offer doesn’t get accepted or if there is a problem with the sale down the road. (For example if the inspection wasn’t satisfactory). If approved it goes towards your down payment at closing!
  • If the offer is accepted we have a 10 day inspection period. This is when the home will be inspected. (The cost varies on location and square footage but usually around $250-$350)
  • If everything is good to go we move forward. If everything is not up to par then we can ask the seller to do some repairs and/or negotiations (depending on if its bank owned or not) or simply move on to another home.
  • Your lender will be collecting documentation from you during this time and will order the appraisal. (Most lenders are having the buyers pay for the appraisal out of pocket which varies depending on many things but usually around $500-$700)
  • If the appraisal comes back supporting our offering price then we move forward and we go to closing
  • Then you get sign a LOT of papers 😉 (Please note however, that you do not get the keys when you sign the closing documents)
  • After the sale records (this is just the county verifying the sale took place) you get the keys to your new home!

As always, if you have ANY questions or concerns about anything please do not hesiate to contact me! Call, email or text! 🙂

2 Reasons NOW is the Time to Sell

We’re through the holiday’s, the family has started to get back in the groove of the daily hustle of things and things are starting to settle down again.

So why would now be the time to think about selling your home? In the Middle of the school year?! Really?

Yes Really, and there are TWO main reasons for this!

1.) There is even less competition right now (in our already tight market). A lot of seller’s tend to wait until Spring to list their homes, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but why wait until everyone puts their homes on the market and buyer’s have their choice?

2.) Buyer’s are Eager!!! Really they are! Interest rates have been terrific for awhile now, but they’re starting to increase, and buyer’s are getting anxious to buy before they rise! There’s nothing out there fir

What does this mean for you as a seller?

  • Eager buyers + low inventory levels
  • You could list your home now, likely see a lot of activity and sell quickly, possibly with multiple offers!