2 Reasons NOW is the Time to Sell

We’re through the holiday’s, the family has started to get back in the groove of the daily hustle of things and things are starting to settle down again.

So why would now be the time to think about selling your home? In the Middle of the school year?! Really?

Yes Really, and there are TWO main reasons for this!

1.) There is even less competition right now (in our already tight market). A lot of seller’s tend to wait until Spring to list their homes, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but why wait until everyone puts their homes on the market and buyer’s have their choice?

2.) Buyer’s are Eager!!! Really they are! Interest rates have been terrific for awhile now, but they’re starting to increase, and buyer’s are getting anxious to buy before they rise! There’s nothing out there fir

What does this mean for you as a seller?

  • Eager buyers + low inventory levels
  • You could list your home now, likely see a lot of activity and sell quickly, possibly with multiple offers!

3 thoughts on “2 Reasons NOW is the Time to Sell

  1. Hi Molly! You have a fun take on Real Estate! I appreciate that! I’ve asked a friend of mine who is a realtor, but I’d like your opinion. We have a couple rooms in our home that needs new flooring. Do you find that buyers would prefer to be given some $$ for flooring, or do I just throw down some cheap carpet?

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    1. Hi! So it really does depend on where you’re located….buuut I have found that if you’re up front about the carpet condition in the listing and just state you will give a set $$$ towards a carpet allowance (how much depends on how much square footage you’re talking about) that is usually the best scenario. Most buyers want to pick their own /color/style (or even a different type of flooring) but if it’s addressed up front then they go into the house with a more open eye than if they walked in and saw it and had to ask for it later. If that makes sense? Hope that helps! 🙂


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