Such interesting and fun things!!

I seriously love my job! I get to see such interesting things, every day brings something new, it’s never boring that’s for sure! 

We came across this today walking some acreage! 🙂

One thought on “Such interesting and fun things!!

  1. There is a lot of small walls you can find in a lot of the local area woodlands around here that are very abandoned and discarded houses from pioneer days. Lots of turn of the century collapsed structures just laying around and on people’s properties that are outside the big city confines. One place you can check out for fun and can look at in your area is as well as and You’ll have to do a little digging in the site to find your city and location but once you do you can discover lots of places that are free access to and they also let you know if the location has been demolished or still standing. Certainly would make for some interesting calendars for your customers in that real estate angle! Cheers : )

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